Download: StarBoi3 – Dick Feat. Doja Cat

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    StarBoi3 – Dick Feat. Doja Cat MP3 Download

    Those who claim they don’t know who Doja Cat is, probably will once you mention her “Mooo!” video last year, which went viral and garnered the singer a lot of publicity and new fans.

    If there’s one thing the video proved to fans (new and old alike), it’s that: not only can Doja drop some pretty cleverly written and hilarious (and goddamn catchy – was I the only one who had it stuck in my head for about 2 weeks?) flows on us, but that the artist also has a completely unique outtake on creativity and humour, and the ability to make outlandish visions come to life successfully.

    The LA based singer/songwriter is known for adding an element of humour, and brash sexuality into her songs, but in a way which is completely distinct and her own – which some of her eccentric musical influences may explain. She recently collaborated with Rico Nasty on “Tia Tamera“, in which she showed off her creative lyricism, and powerful delivery.

    This single is no exception, featuring witty, sexually explicit lyrics, which reference elements of popular culture, to add a comedic twist to StarBoi 3‘s track.

    The beat gives trap-y vibes, and both rappers go hard, with StarBoi3 delivering a catchy riff that’s sure to make the track a Summer bop.

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