Download: Bhad Bhabie – Spaz Feat. YBN Nahmir

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    Bhad Bhabie – Spaz Feat. YBN Nahmir MP3 Download

    People have tried to say that Bhad Bhabie‘s fifteen minutes of fame are up but alas, she’s still here and she’s still making millions.

    The teenager has been smart with her money, choosing to capitalize on the quick buck she made after becoming a viral sensation and investing in several businesses.

    Following in a similar path as somebody like Kylie Jenner, Bhad Bhabie is the face of her own cosmetics company and she’s been thriving musically as well.

    Her last mixtape performed well and helped people see her in a new light and now, she’s announcing her official return to the game.

    Today, the Boynton Beach rapper dropped a couple of new songs and we’re highlighting the new collaboration with YBN Nahmir called “Spaz.”

    The track starts out with Nahmir doing his thing, spitting comical ad-libs and balancing the weight on his own shoulders before letting Bhad Bhabie come in to do the heavy lifting.

    She flexes in the second verse, threatening to use a knife on her haters and rapping about how she’s still hustling on probation. If you’re not a fan of hers, this won’t be the song to change your mind, unfortunately.

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